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Parallel Graphic - Your Product vs Your Competitors


Cyber Feature 

Our Cyber StartUp constantly develops and improves new features for our Plan.



If you already sell products on Amazon, you certainly know how valuable a keyword analysis tool can be. CyberAmz is a user-friendly tool because it can show you real-time rankings for your products.


Parallel Ranking

You can see the evolution of your keywords for your product, and you also have the option of seeing your competitors keywords too. Analyze who is the best of your competitors, someone that you have chosen to beat after all the marketing and optimization efforts you have made. Now you’ll have an ace up your sleeve, for sure.


Real Time Ranking

CyerAmz updates the position of your words in real time. It is very important to know what words are best positioned and what not. You can optimize your backend, listing and PPC now in a shorter time. It's great to get information so quickly. 


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  • Products: 1
  • Include All Child Products
  • Competitors/Product: 3
  • Keywords/Product: 150
  • Download Raport: Unlimited



  • Products: 4
  • Include All Child Products
  • Competitors/Product: 3
  • Keywords/Product: 200
  • Download Raport: Unlimited



  • Products: 9
  • Include All Child Products
  • Competitors/Product: 3
  • Keywords/Product: 250
  • Download Raport: Unlimited

Comming Soon

StartUp CyberAmz develops new functionalities, and this awesome features coming soon


More products than one and more competitors   ✔️Check 

It will be possible to analyse more of the products that you sell on Amazon and you’ll know the position of more keywords comparing to competitors.

Alert Facebook Messenger 

Get alerts about reviews, hijackers, and keywords indexed on your products

Cyber Invoice 

Upload customer list and you can download invoices for all customers. A day's work in a few minutes and your invoices for the accountant will be done.